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Independent Research and Consulting Services for the Semiconductor, Equipment & Related Industries

Since 1995, INFRASTRUCTURE Advisors has offered the following services to both companies and investors in the semiconductor, semiconductor equipment and related industries.

  "Validator" Strategic Audit - Independent audit of your strategic business plan.
  Strategic Marketing
  Business Development
  Independent Analyst
  Diligence Studies
  Start-up Support
  Expert Witness
  Public Speaking Engagements

comprises the Principal, Ron Leckie, and several other resources who can be brought to bear as necessary to address client needs.

With over 40 years of experience in the semiconductor and related industries, Ron's knowledge of integrated circuit (IC) technology and business has been valued by many clients. He has in-depth expertise in the field of Test, Assembly and Packaging (TAP), but his knowledge extends to more than the "back end" of the chipmaking industry. He also has expertise in the "front end" or wafer fab manufacturing processes - in particular from the point of view of marketing capital equipment, software and services to this segment. His early career started in engineering, before he migrated into the management, business and marketing roles. Based on his 25 years of achievements in industry, he launched his consulting career in 1995.

Other consulting activities include supplying expert knowledge to investors seeking more in-depth insight into the chip industry, companies and their stocks to help with investing strategies. In terms of public speaking, Ron has an extensive experience in addressing groups of all sizes. He has delivered many presentations and has been both moderator and panelist on many industry panels.

Please call Ron on +1-408-621-1895 if you are in need of expertise in the semiconductor, semiconductor equipment and related industries. Alternatively, you may send an email to to discuss your interests. We will be pleased to assess your needs and either tender a bid or refer you to others who can assist you.

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