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"DRAM and NAND: Doing the Memory Tango" (July, 2008)

Today's consumer applications require ever-growing quantities and types of semiconductor memory. DRAM demand is still strong, but is threatened by the upper address limitations of 32-bit architectures and software. NAND is growing even faster and leading the technology roadmap but concerns exist about how far its density and cost-per-bit can be scaled. A high degree of process compatibility gives flexibility to manufacturers of both technologies. Memories are becoming more of an architecture enabler, opening up system performance and capabilities. With relentless pressures on profitability, chip manufacturers must become smarter and more efficient, with the biggest impact being increasingly placed on the memory makers.

This report explains the memory technologies, takes a look at opportunities and challenges faced by the key memory chipmakers, and reveals some of the emerging memory technologies. It was researched and written in partnership with Bob Merritt and Sherry Garber of Semico Research.

This report will help both technolgists familiar with the subject as well as non-technologists who seek a better understanding of the technology and markets. At the expert level, the report contains such elements as market forecasts, application trends and barriers, brief competitive analyses and a look at emerging memory technologies. For the relative novice, it includes, for example, simple explanations of the various semiconductor memory device types, applications drivers such as solid state disks (SSD), and market trends.

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