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Consulting Services for the Semiconductor, Equipment & Related Industries

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  Public Speaking:

Ron Leckie is available for public speaking engagements on semiconductor industry business and technology topics at private and public events including:

Keynote Addresses & Invited Speaker Presentations

Luncheon & After-Dinner Talks

Panel Moderation & Panelist Participation

Ron can speak on topics ranging from market conditions and industry business cycles to technology trends and their impact. As an active consultant in the industry, Ron keeps abreast of the latest topics and trends. He combines his practical sense of reality with an experience and insight that helps him look ahead for opportunities and challenges. His talk on the future of the semiconductor roadmap looks not only at the technology challenges, but also the affordability of R&D to support the industry's future. Examples of topics include:
Funding the Future of Semiconductor R&D

Ubiquitous NAND Flash: Markets & Technology

Semiconductor Market Dynamics & Outlook

Moore's Law: Below 90nm

An overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing
  ("How Chips Are Made" in lay terms)

The Semiconductor Foodchain
  (3 Applications dissected & components discussed)

Test & Packaging Trends

For a list of prior speaking engagements since 1997, please visit this page.
To watch a (2 minute) QuickTime movie of Ron's presentation at SBC 2006 describing the difference between NAND and NOR Flash, please click here (3.3MB).
For a look at Ron's business related photo gallery, please visit this page.