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Consulting Services for the Semiconductor, Equipment & Related Industries

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  Start-up Consulting Services:

INFRASTRUCTURE Advisors is not a VC fund but instead works with entrepreneurs, business angels, VCs, corporate accelerators and enterprise support agencies to help develop a variety of technology focused start-ups. Our areas of interest include semiconductor manufacturing, semiconductor equipment, semiconductor materials / consumables and software.
Consulting services focus on providing management assistance to early stage start-ups. This includes business plan development, presentation development, market strategy, sales and marketing guidance, interim management, and assistance in obtaining funding. We can also assist large corporations with establishing entrepreneurial new ventures and spin-outs.
One of the most important things we do is help start-ups communicate their brilliant innovations. Often, we find that founders are just too close to what they do, and what seems crystal clear to them may not be to potential investors, customers, partners, etc. First, we listen and understand what it is you bring to the table. Next, we simplify, simplify and simplify it again. Finally, we re-build the story using images and words to make it clear, intuitive and compelling - ready to be communicated. Of course, we can't make silk purses if you have sow's ears, but we do know that we can usually greatly improve your story :-)
Naturally, start-ups are seldom able to afford consulting fees, so we usually structure a relationship around a results-based compensation package. This may involve combinations of minimal retainer fee, expense reimbursement, earned commissions and equity (stock/warrants/options). The first step is getting to know and evaluate each other to determine if a true win-win relationship can be established. Please call if you have a venture that could potentially benefit from our services.

  UK-based SME support:

With strong British and Silicon Valley connections, INFRASTRUCTURE Advisors can support UK-based entrepreneurs and small enterprises to help them develop their company for the global marketplace, using Silicon Valley as a launch pad. With affiliate, Ian Myles, we can assist with the commercialization, business development and structuring required to succeed in global markets. For a brief presentation, please see the PDF file: "Successful Commercialization in Silicon Valley"